Shall We Play a Game?


Try this experiment:

1. Click on one of the links in your blogroll.
2. Click on a random link in their blogroll.
3. Click on a randon link in that person’s blogroll.
4. Last time, click on a random blogroll link.

What did you find?

Here is what I did:

1. I choose to start with Celluloide Blonde. She seems to know all the interesting people.
2. From her blogroll, I clicked on Librarian Woes.
3. From there I clicked on Bitch With Books. How could I not? It’s such a great name for a blog.
4 – From there I clicked on Cracked. From there I learned about the coolest toy around, the Motorized Monocycle.

Try my little game and let me know what you find.

One response to “Shall We Play a Game?

  1. I am honored to be the first link. Smooch!