Pictures from the 2008 Rose Ball in Monaco: Arrivals

Pictures From the 2008 Rose Ball in Monaco - Arrivals

Princess Caroline, Pedro Almodovar, Prince Albert, Charlene Wittstock, Elizabeth-Ann de Massy.

Princess Caroline

Princess Caroline

Prince Albert with Charlene Wittstock

Prince Albert and girlfriend Charlene Wittstock

Charlotte Casiraghi arriving at the 2008 Rose Ball in Monaco

Princess Caroline’s beautiful daughter Charlotte Casiraghi arrives with cousins and friends.

7 responses to “Pictures from the 2008 Rose Ball in Monaco: Arrivals

  1. First time I’ve seen Melanie and Charlotte together. Maybe next year their other cousin Jazmin will join them.

  2. Charlene looks stunning!

    Charlene’s dress is perfect for her, the colour and the style. It fits, which is much better than previous years.

    That hair style and colour are the best I’ve seen for her. It’s beautiful, to the point and compliments her facial features. I believe it suits her personality as well.

    Her make up is on the money. She has some colour in her cheeks, her eye make up is perfect for her eyes. The black eyeliner/mascara with the blue shadow bring out her lovely blue eyes.

    She is carrying herself with confidence and ease. Which probably would be the fact that she’s standing beside HSH as his girlfriend and not behind the family.

    She looks lovely and elegant. Good Job!


    PS. I seriously, seriously doubt Jasmin will ever be at a Rose Ball.

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  4. charlotte looks nice but i think since it was a movida theme (wich is something dealing with spain) i think she should of worn a bright dress like red or like what charlene is wearing to bring out her eyes the blue would do just fine. But she looks good caroline and charlene look excellent better that the other rose balls . And i think jasmin won’t be there either

  5. I think Princess Caroline’s dress is hideous. Period.

    Simply awful.

    The design and style is too much for words. We really didn’t need to see her nipples. Completely inappropriate for ANY Princess, especially one of her age. I don’t know what she was thinking!!


    It would be nice to see her in ANY other colour than black. Every event for oh the last what….7-8 years, she has worn black in some form or another.

    She is an exceptionally beautiful woman, why she would want to limit herself to a drab colour that doesn’t really suit her is beyond me.

    I agree with dea, all of the ladies should have gone with vibrant colours , which not only would have went with the theme this year but IS the style for the season.

  6. I think Melanie borrowed that dress from Caroline. I’m sure I’ve seen Caroline wearing it before.