Katie Holmes Goes Even Shorter

Katie Holmes really short haircut

Katie Holmes has done it again. Her hair is the talk of the town. This time it’s even shorter.

Here’s the history of Katie’s Holmes haircuts:

A. At first she had a longish bob but without the dramatic points that Posh was sporting.

B. Then she had an Anna Wintour/Louise Brooks bob.

C. Now, she looks like Demi Moore circa Ghost era.

There aren’t many picture available yet. But you can see in this photo, it looks really cute on her.

Choose your favorite Katie Holmes look:

The history of Katies Homes haircuts


18 responses to “Katie Holmes Goes Even Shorter

  1. A.. by far.. she looks like an elf with short hair.. katie looks better with long bangs and shoulder length to shorter hair.

  2. it looks aweful!!!!! what is she thinking?

  3. She looks like Tom but taller. I agree, she does keep cutting it shorter and shorter. It’s only a matter of time until she shaves it all off like the the lovely britney spears

  4. a new haircut every few months screams that this girl is sooooooo not in a happy place in her life.


  6. she looks awful…and pale.
    i thnk she is very unhappy in her life, so sad 😦

  7. Oh Katie, what have you done to yourself. Your Bob was so nice and flattered you, but this? Oh no Katie. We all love you but we also know that you are too thin and now your beautiful hair is gone. Is this unhappiness? Is Tom a bad husband that you have to do this? You are a beautiful young women with a cute little girl. Please Katie, get some help if this is it or won’t Tom’s church let you. We will be praying for you and Suri. Love you Katie

  8. delightful679

    It looks kinda like a Micheal Jackson regret haircut… She looks so gaunt and colorless. If she were my family I would be checking on her pretty closely.

  9. Perhaps she cut her hair this way for a movie role. Or just for fun. I think it looks cute. And now that everyone ran out and copied her original haircut, maybe she just wants to look different.

  10. Pic A is waaay sexy and could they GET a worse angle/lighting/face she’s making for the last one?

  11. i am so sorry, i thought katie had it all, she doesn’t

  12. she should go bald now. enough

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  14. Dishwater Blond

    a gentle reminder * * of the simple things in life, it will grow

  15. dude i think she looks better with short hair, it looks adorable

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  17. Katie Holmes: fire your stylist!
    The pixie cut is super cute and all the rage these days, but it is clear that her stylist does not know either her hair type or how to texturize Katie’s hair to give it shape. It looks dull and lifeless – but it could have real potential!

  18. Katie is absolutely beautiful no matter what hairstyle she picks. Personally I like all three shown, except the 3rd picture is soooo bad as far as lighting, angle, etc… It’s obvious that picture was chosen to make her look bad, to convince us that Katie is sooo unhappy, and Tom is sooo bad for her, and all the rest of those lies. Katie looks to me to be beautiful, healthy, happy, smart and able to make up her own mind on things. If only most celebrities had it so ‘together’ as Katie does.