Salvatore Ferragamo Celebrates 80 Years

Salvatore Ferragamo 80th Anniversary

I can’t imagine life without ever having owned a pair or two or three of luxurious Ferragamo shoes. His beautiful designs were good enough for some of the most glamorous Hollywood stars and they are certainly good enough for me.

This weekend in Shanghai, the Italian label Salvatore Ferragamo celebrated it’s 80th anniversary in the business.

Celebrities such as Christina Ricci, Jennifer Jason Lee and Melissa George were on hand for the festivities, which included a fashion show, gala dinner and performance by dancer Roberto Bolle of the La Scala Ballet. Bolle is representative for Ferragamo’s new line of watches.

Congratulations, Ferragamo.

Here are some pictures of the event:

Christina Ricci, Jennifer Jason Lee, Melissa George
From left to right: Christina Ricci, Jennifer Jason Lee, Melissa George

Roberto Bolle of La Scala Ballet
Roberto Bolle strutted the catwalk before breaking into dance

Roberto Bolle at Salvatore Ferragamo 80th Anniversary
Roberto Bolle and partner perform at Salvatore Ferragamo’s 80th Anniversary

Ferragamo 80th Anniversary
At the Salvatore Ferragamo: Evolving Legend 1928-2008 exhibition: a bag-making workshop, a colorful display of shoes, a chandelier made of Ferragamo perfume bottles

3 responses to “Salvatore Ferragamo Celebrates 80 Years

  1. Dancers have the most beautiful bodies. Sigh.

  2. nirmalamagazine

    Congratulations Ferragamo, you are simply one of the best!

  3. Such beautiful shoes!!