The Morning Routine

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This post is inspired by an entry on Slaves to Fashion called How Long Is Your Morning Regimen?

I live in Southern California, so I have a pretty long drive to work. I have never been a morning person but, fortunately, I work at an office where the start times are relaxed and the attire is casual.

Here’s my usual routine:

7:01 AM – First alarm goes off. Hit Snooze. (I have a 9 minute snooze on my alarm.)
7:10 AM – Second alarm. Snooze, etc., etc., until about…
7:45 AM – Finally get out of bed. Relax in the living room, sipping a glass of water.
8:00 AM – Check clock, realize way too much time is passing and I better get moving before I fall asleep in my big comfy chair.
8:05 AM – Wash face, brush teeth.
8:10 AM – Shower (I usually wash my hair the night before to save time in the morning.)
8:30 AM – Out of shower. (Somehow, it still takes me 20 minutes.) Moisturize.
8:35 AM – Apply makeup.
8:45 AM – Check clock. Damn.
8:50 AM – Straighten or curl hair. If I’m running really late, I twist it into a clip.
8:57 AM – Get dressed. Debate what shoes to wear. My job involves cars, so I have to think about what I’ll be driving to choose the right shoes. Of course, this problem could easily be solved if I just managed to carry driving shoes with me at all times. But fashion always wins out in the end and I usually choose inappropriately cute footwear.
9:04 AM: Dab on a little perfume.
9:05 AM – Hit the road. Don’t even think about the freeway. It’s the scenic route all the way. My commute can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. I try to be at work by 9:45 but usually get there around 10:00.
9:30 AM – Should be halfway to work by now, passing a beautiful view of the ocean.
10:00 AM – Still commuting. Argh.
10:05 AM – Arrive at work.

Yikes, that’s 3 hours. I really should get out of bed earlier so I can add daily exercise into my routine. I’m not a breakfast person. I usually grab a coffee around 11:00, then lunch at 1:30 or 2:00 PM. I’ll be at the office until 7:00 or 7:30 pm, sometimes later. Then I start the whole evening routine. Check the Sigalert to see if I can jump on the freeways. Drive an hour or so home. Find something for dinner. Relax. Wash hair. Blog. Go to bed and start over.

What is your daily routine?

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