Dilemma: What Do You Think Of This Purse?

Kathy VanZeeland Purse

Recently, I bought this purse online. But now that I have it in person, I’m not sure I like it.

Designed by Kathy VanZeeland, the bag is a satchel shape and comes with a detachable mini bag that has a mirror on the back.

I’m usually a clean-lines person and I think this might be a little busy for me. The key ring with charms is removable. I took it off right away because not only does it add to the busyness, it’s also heavy and loud.

On the positive side, I like that the purse has organized pockets inside for my cell phone and lipstick. The fit and finish seem to be good and the lining is a cute animal print.

What do you think? Should I start carrying it or should I return it?

4 responses to “Dilemma: What Do You Think Of This Purse?

  1. Too many bells and whistles.

  2. Is that a purse or the Disney Center?

  3. it’s not that beautiful!

  4. Yeah, I’ve decided to send it back. It’s just not me.