A Certain Slant of Light

A Certain Slant of LightMy journey into young adult fiction continues.

I just finished A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb. The plot centers around a couple of ghosts who find each other and decide to recapture life by inhabiting the bodies of two troubled teens.

From the moment I first picked up this book, I couldn’t stop reading it. It was completely engrossing from the first paragraph:

Someone was looking at me, a disturbing sensation if you’re dead. I was with my teacher, Mr. Brown. As usual, we were in our classroom, that safe and wooden-walled box–the windows opening onto the grassy field to the west, the fading flag standing in the chalk dust corner, the television mounted above the bulletin board like a sleeping eye, and Mr. Brown’s princely table keeping watch over a regiment of student desks. At that moment I was scribbling invisible comments in the margins of a paper left in Mr. Brown’s tray, though my words were never read by the students. Sometimes Mr. Brown quoted me, all the same, while writing his own comments. Perhaps I couldn’t tickle the inside of his ear, but I could reach the mysterious curves of his mind.

Have you read this book? What did you think?

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One response to “A Certain Slant of Light

  1. I have not read the book but the narrative voice is wonderful I will look for it.