I Want To Look Like Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue

Copy pop singer Kylie Minogue’s tousled hairdo:

Blowdry over a round brush to give the hair body. Start at the nape of the neck with irons (try the ghd IV styler, £99.99), taking hair in two-inch sections. Place the irons at the root of the hair and clamp as if to straighten, but instead twist 180 degrees upwards and pull hair quickly straight out towards you.

Carry on in the same direction and follow around your head, but, to get Kylie’s messy waves, alternate the direction you twist the hair – if you twist the first section to the right, twist the next section to the left. For a sexy finish, create a deep side parting and make sure hair falls across one eye.

Then rub wax into your hands – try ghd precision wax, £12.95 – and between your fingers to warm it up, before scrunching it through hair to create mussy volume and then individually teasing sections out to break up the curls, creating a natural, dishevelled look.

Top tip: the slower you pull, the tighter the curl and the faster you pull, the looser the curl.

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I Should Be So Lucky to look like Kylie Minogue. Remember this video?

Source: Hello Magazine


One response to “I Want To Look Like Kylie Minogue

  1. Nope, never saw this video and don’t recognize the song. I think I’ve been into country music for too long now…