Random Acts of Beauty

Roses from Grace Magazine\'s garden

Roses from Grace Magazine's garden

Guerrilla Gardeners are planting flowers and greenery on neglected plots of land around Los Angeles and in other parts of the world.

The latest project was a busy freeway off-ramp in Hollywood.

Getting municipal approval can take forever, so these gardeners come in under the cover of night and take matters into their own hands.

It’s against city code, however, so this group of gardeners use covert names like Mr. Stamen and Phil O’Dendron.

On this particular project, they filled about a third of the median with aloe, grass-like flax, and red, blue, pink and yellow kalanchoes, all donated by members of the group. They plan to finish landscaping the rest of the patch soon.

At the edge of the patch, they’ve left a sign that reads “Guerrilla Gardening. Please water me.”

Check out guerrillagardening.org for more information.

Guerrilla Gardening in Los Angeles

2 responses to “Random Acts of Beauty

  1. How wonderful. I did not even know that was happening.

  2. journal4rhea

    What a great way to spread the love and glory of God. Nothing lightens the load of the passer by like a garden!