Incanto Heaven by Ferragamo

Incanto Heaven by Salvatore Ferragamo

While shopping this weekend at Salvatore Ferragamo, I picked up a sample of Incanto Heaven.

It’s a light fruity floral fragrance perfect for summer.

From the Ferragamo Web site:

Imagine a mythical place…
A colorful world where flowers bloom…
Fabulous peacocks spread their brilliant plumage…

Here comes Incanto Heaven,
inviting you to join in a new cosmic dance…

Incanto Heaven…the magic of fortune.

Incanto Heaven, a magical, vivacious fruity floral fragrance, bursting with life and color.

Top Note:
Incanto Heaven takes off with the radiant freshness of Grapefruit and Seringa Flower blended with juicy Red Apple. Grapefruit, Seringa Flower.

Middle Note:
Refined and tender Pink Peony introduces velvety Apricot lifted by the luminous elegance of Hibiscus Flower Tea. Pink Peony, Apricot.

Base Note:
Precious and powdery, a whirl of Orris melts together with sophisticated Violet and voluptuous Musk.
Musk, Violet Flower.

Heavenly swirls of color combine in cosmic celebration with yellow and purple liberty print…
A brilliant bird of paradise fans his tail and a royal purple cap is like a crown on a sheer pink flacon.

One response to “Incanto Heaven by Ferragamo

  1. Its my favourite perfume of all time …
    Its the best – ever ….!!!