Terminator Salvation Trailer

Christian Bale

The thought of yet another Terminator movie didn’t excite me until I found out Christian Bale was playing John Connor.


Here’s the trailer.

4 responses to “Terminator Salvation Trailer

  1. Thanks, never saw that video before! Bale is a great actor! I’m lookin’ forward to it 🙂

  2. great wow i am waiting to see another great movie with one of my favourite actors thats amazing thanx for this

  3. They have been filming that out here in
    New Mexico ! I’ve gotten the chance to
    meet many people involved with this film
    (very nice group). It looks INCREDIBLE
    and I’m counting down the days until it
    comes out !

  4. totally looking forward the new Terminator… Christian Bale tends to do a great job no matter what role he takes