My Tomatoes

My Tomatoes

I’ve been growing tomatoes in a pot in my backyard.

After weeks of waiting, one of them is finally starting to turn color. Hopefully, soon I will be enjoying a fresh, homegrown tomato salad.

I have a notoriously black thumb. Once I even watered a potted plant for several months before I realized it was fake. So these tomatoes are no small achievement. I am particularly proud of these little darlings.

Have you ever tried to grow your own vegetables?

4 responses to “My Tomatoes

  1. Those are excellent tomatoes. Any gardener would be proud of them.

  2. Very Nice.

    Nurturing the Crops is one of Mankind’s most rewarding endeavors.

    You may enjoy watching the video Progress of our small patch.

    Gowing Tomatoes for Health and Wealth

    Enjoy your success!

  3. I watched your videos. I didn’t realize you could prune tomato plants that much. Thanks for the tip.

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