Katie Holmes Pixie Cut

Katie Holmes Haircut - The Pixie

The interest in Katie Holmes’s hair never ends. She just keeps going shorter and shorter and we can’t keep our eyes off of her.

Her latest look is the pixie cut. We think she looks adorable.

What do you think? Do you like this look or do you prefer her bobbed hair?

Click here to see the evolution of Katie Holmes hair.


10 responses to “Katie Holmes Pixie Cut

  1. I love it! She has the perfect face for this, and I love that someone in Hollywood is daring enough to try something so different from the rest.

  2. she actually looks Much better with shorter hair. definitley more sophisticated.

  3. I’ve just found fresh video of Katie Holmes with Pixie haircut:


  4. She looks like she went through a wind tunnel. Why do people care about other people’s hair, it’s incessant gossip. You call this a pixie, sadly she probably spent a lot of time getting ready, but in reality it looks like she never even combed it. Retro glasses were awful in the 70s, they’re still awful now, who is brain washing?

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  6. silent bob, if you’re so worried about the gossip, the glasses, & the pixie’s…”Why the hell are you on here?”

  7. readerreading

    Very sexy ! She enchants more and more with the passage of time ! I can’t keep my eyes off her either ! WOW !!!

  8. She looks great! and that scarf… I definitely like the style))

  9. autonomousblogger

    love it

  10. fouzia junaid

    she looks more young and adorable in the pixie cut!