In Honor of Labor Day

Charlie Chaplan in Modern Times

Curious C has an interesting post listing every job she’s ever had. It’s quite a list. So I think I’ll do it, too, just to see how it turns out.

I’m listing every little job I’ve ever done starting in chronological order:

1. cook (my Dad’s sandwich shop)
2. movie projectionist (in college)
3. film research (college work/study)
4. retail sales (department store)
5. telephone sales (clothing catalog)
6. home security alarm dispatcher
7. secretary
8. receptionist
9. executive assistant
10. props mistress
11. stage manager
12. actress
13. voice-over actress
14. Web site quality assurer
15. HTML coder
16. project manager
17. journalist/editor

How many jobs have you had?


2 responses to “In Honor of Labor Day

  1. Wow! You’ve done LOTS of interesting stuff. It’s always fascinating how we end up in some jobs and/or yearn for something else? I am exploring my past to make sense as well as find possible directions for my future…

  2. behindblueeyez

    wow so many different jobs…i only had 4 and all following the same direction and i am a bit scared of the perspective of changing direction.