Double Review: Gossip Girl 2 and 90210

I'm Chuck Bass

Two important premieres this week for the teen crowd. Of course, oldies but goodies like me watch these shows, too. They are so much better than CSI: Asbury Park or whatever city they are up to now.

First off, Gossip Girl. If you saw the summer ads, you pretty much saw most of the first episode. Fun in the sun with the rich kids in the Hamptons. GG never disappoints. Fabulous clothes, beautiful cast, witty dialog (Mother Chucker). Lots of underage drinking and partying. Oh, and did I mention fabulous clothes and beautiful cast?

Now for 90210. The original series was squeaky clean. And I have to admit, I missed that. I have GG for the underage drinking and naughty one-liners. This new 90210 is borrowing a little too much from GG. They even have a blog where they out people’s foibles. But in this case, you know who is the author. And when you know, it seems crueler. She posts really mean things about people and then laughs in their faces. Strange choice. I’m not sure I like the new cast. Perhaps they will grow on me. They aren’t nearly as attractive as the GG cast. Sorry, kids, if you’re reading this. It was nice to see Jenny Garth and Shannen Dohery. Weird to see them hug. But I actually found myself wishing the stories were about them. Even Nate from the Peach Pit was back. So, I guess I’ll tune in again. But I have to say in the battle of the teen shows, Gossip Girl is winning, well-manicured hands down.

Cast of New 90210


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