Is It Possible To Have Too Many Shoes?

Not if you keep them organized.

I finally sorted through my shoe collection. It doesn’t look anything like a celebrity closet. But I had heels and flats and sandals and boots strewn all over my bedroom.

Fortunately, I don’t throw anything away–ever. So, I put all of the shoes back in their original boxes. But first I took polaroids of the shoes and glued the photos to the outside of the boxes. This way I can see at a glance what each box contains. I read this tip in a magazine years ago and have never forgotten it.

How do you keep your shoes orgazined?

3 responses to “Is It Possible To Have Too Many Shoes?

  1. I just put all my shoes in clear plastic shoe boxes but they still can be a little opaque and leave me looking.

  2. Let me assure you – the answer is NO!

    Although my closet isn’t quite as organized as Mariah’s, I have it grouped seasonally. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter choices.

  3. I keep my shoes in their original boxes too, but I hadn’t though of putting a picture on the front. That would help when browsing for the right shoe.