Mascara Wars: Day 1 – Vincent Longo

Vincent Longo The Curl Mascara

As promised, here is the first of my mascara reviews.

Vincent Longo – The Curl Mascara

Color*: Black, highly pigmented

Brush: Small, tightly packed curved brush

Consistency: Light. Either it’s very thin or there isn’t much in the tube.

Application: Not much mascara ends up on the brush so it takes time and layering to apply to my liking.

How It Looks: Thin. My lashes still look like lashes instead of thick and clumpy, which is a plus. But they don’t look very long. And the promise of curl did not happen.

Removal**: Easy

Reaction: Unimpressed

Notes: Perhaps this sample has been sitting around for awhile?

* all of the mascaras in the test are black
** removed with Bliss Labs Lid & Lash Wash


2 responses to “Mascara Wars: Day 1 – Vincent Longo

  1. Hmm. It does not sound like this one is a winner.

    Usually if you want length you are better off with a very thin brush.

  2. No, and it’s the most expensive one I’ve tested so far. A full-size tube is $23 at