Mascara Wars: Day 3 – Sephora Atomic Volume

Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara

Sephora – Atomic Volume Mascara

Color: Black

Brush: A round brush with comblike bristles all around.

Consistency: Medium.

Application: The comb separates the lashes with each stroke. A lot of mascara goes on very quickly.

How It Looks: They’re not kidding when they say this mascara has atomic volume. My lashes mushroomed to theatrical lengths.

Removal: I had to wash twice to get it all off.

Reaction: Wowed.

Notes: Get in and get out. This mascara goes on quickly. It’s easy to apply too much. I wouldn’t want to miss and hit my eye with that spiky comb. But the effect is dramatic.

2 responses to “Mascara Wars: Day 3 – Sephora Atomic Volume

  1. A full-size tube is $16 at

  2. Could you answer this here please? Have you tried the Maybelline XXL Volume+Length Microfiber Mascara, and if so, how does this Atomic Volume Mascara compare?