Why I Don’t Eat Calamari

Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus

I once saw a documentary about the intelligence of squids. It showed squids using tools to hunt and to hammer open shells. It also showed a squid faking out a shrimp who swam into a hollow rock. The squid put one of his tentacles around the other side and conned the little guy into swimming out the other side to be caught.

Maru over at WTF Is It Now posted this story about a cheeky octopus in an aquarium in Germany.

Otto the Octopus figured out how to short circuit the light above his tank at night. For a bit of fun, he juggles the hermit crabs that share his home. Sometimes, he throws rocks at the glass. He even redecorated his place when he got bored with his surroundings.

Marine biologist conducting a census of the sea, discovered that octopuses have their own underwater expressway in the Antartic.

Squid and Octopus are highly intelligent creatures. Please don’t dip them in marinara sauce at TGI Fridays.


2 responses to “Why I Don’t Eat Calamari

  1. Good points! My other half told me not to eat Octopus (for some of the above reasons) when we were in Venice a year or two back. I ignored and ate away. The next day I was violently ill. I think there may be a moral there somewhere…

    Man, I wish I could change colour like those guys!

  2. Does Otto do windows?