Bought a MacBook

I just bought a MacBook. I’ve always been a PC user, so it’s a little weird for me.

I can’t decide if I want to buy word processing software designed for Mac or if I should buy Microsoft Office for Mac. Any suggestions?

3 responses to “Bought a MacBook

  1. funny that u bought a mac. I just wrote a post entitled PC or Mac. lol.

  2. Usually they come with some Microsoft Office installed so make sure it is not already on there. If it isn’t, I would go with Microsoft Word it is universal and other word processing software like Word Works or what not is not. Also, coming off a PC you are already probably familiar with Microsoft Office applications so there will not be a sharp learning curve there during the transition. Nothing is worse than just trying to type a document and you cannot find the controls you need.

  3. I’ve been Mac for almost 20 years. Yeah, a long time. If you share Word or Excel files, go with the Office Suite. Trying to collaborate in anything else is frustrating.

    On the other hand – Keynote is pretty cool, Frontpage rocks, and Appleworks is OK.

    It comes down to that collaboration thing, really. If now, or in the future, you’ll be sharing files you will want to be conversant with Word and Excel at the very least.