In NYC – Day 3 part 2

comedy_tragedyThe Theatre.

Tonight I went to an Off-Off Broadway show. “Off-Off” doesn’t refer to location; it designates the size of the house. It’s an under-99 seat theatre. This show was in a venue that held only 32 with a noisy bar downstairs that you could hear throughout the show. But the din acted as a soundtrack to the drunken house party that was happening on stage.

The show was a remake of Mike Leigh’s 1979 drama Ecstasy. It was funny, sad, a little depressing, but hopeful at the same time. It’s about 4 friends who are living through rough times in London. Work is scarce, money is tight, and the future is bleak. Sound familiar? But the characters persevere as best as they can with a little song, some funny stories and a bowl of tomato soup. They drink too much, smoke too much and talk too much, but they roll with the punches.

I encourage you to find a small theatre in your area and see a show, any show. It beats watching TV any day.

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