Live Blogging: Bare Escentuals on QVC Now

I’m a makeup junkie as you’ve probably noticed. Some of my favorite products are made by Bare Escentuals.

I just got home from work and put on the TV and voila BE is on QVC for 3 hours.

hydrating-mineral-veilRight Now, they are presenting a glowing hydrating mineral veil. I don’t know this presenter. Where’s Lisa? She works better with Leslie.

But the product looks interesting. It’s a loose mineral veil powder but it’s hydrating and “combats the feeling of dryness.”

Next up, a brush-on powder sunscreen with SPF 30. You can use it every day with your makeup or wear it to the beach. It’s tinted and comes in three colors (light, medium, tan). Water resistant and gentle enough for kids, too. Sounds very convenient.

gossamersGossamers Illuminating face powder in 3 colors with brush. These are sheer and shimmery and so pretty. You can wear them on your face, decolletage, lips. I want everything on this show so far.

Remember, swirl and tap.

If you are new to the Bare Escentuals line, they are now showing a 4-piece Bare Skin kit for first time users. It has the basic kit with foundation, mineral veil, warmth to add some color to your skin and a brush. This is the original Bare Minerals kit. This comes is 9 colors, just choose your skin tone.

I sound like a commercial, but I really love these products. And I thought it would be fun to live blog.

private-eyeNow, we’re getting into the fun stuff. The Public/Private 4-piece eye collection. Three shadows and a double-ended brush. Really nice basic colors with some shimmer to add interest. This is a kit you will use every day.

lip-paletteLip Color Mixer Palette with 8 colors and a lip brush in a mirrored case. I have this kit and I love it. Usually, when you buy a palette, you end up using only 1 or 2 colors. But I use all of these. There are 4 of them that I wear all the time. The kit includes a mix of formulas, so some are cream, some shimmer, some are glossy. Buy it now.

Now, they are showing the Purist 9-piece collection that comes with a really cute white train case. This is the showcase kit of the night for the today’s special value price of $96.72. I’m not really into gigantic kits like this. But if you want to try things from each part of the BE collection, this is the way to go. It has foundation, lip gloss, blush, eye colors, and more.

Moisture Burst Facial Mist. You can spray this on while traveling on a plane or any time you need a little added moisture. This looks like it feels great.

lip-kitOoh, more lippies.

The 3-piece lip color collection comes with a lipstick, a liner and a gloss. Your choice of mauve, bronze or berry. The berry looks adorable and would be perfect for spring.

Onto the Look of Now Earthy Chic 5-piece kit. This comes with three eye colors, a blush, and a lip gloss. It’s a nude, natural look with a little added prettiness. What a perfect daytime look for summer. According to Leslie, this look is “less about flip-flops and more about heeled sandals.”

I’ve talked about this next product before. The 3-Piece Brow Essentials Kit. This is a powder brow color that comes with a setting gel and a brush. Just match your hair color and you’re good to go. It’s super easy to use and gives a natural look. It never looks like drawn on brows. And it’s practically impossible to mess up. So simple to apply. I use Brunette. It’s a medium brown for dark blonde to medium brown hair. And Leslie says you can also use the powder as eye shadow for a great neutral.

gossamerMore pretties. Gossamer All-Over Face and Body Mineral and Body Buki Brush. This comes with a huge kabuki brush. The shimmery powder can be used all over. Use it on your legs for the look of silk stockings. The model just put it in her hair. Beautiful.

Back to skincare. Rare Minerals Renew and Reveal Facial Cleanser. This is a powder cleanser. You wet your face, put a little powder in your hand, add a little water, and it will froth. Wash your face and just rinse it off.

Multi-Tasking Face Makeup and Concealer with Brush. Choose from 5 colors. This is one of their original products. Use as a concealer or an eye shadow base.

bareMinerals foundation with brush. This is the best product in the whole line. This has radically changed the way I apply makeup. No more liquid bases for me. Just swirl, tap and buff with the soft brush. I use fair. It’s the lightest shade out of the 9 offered. You don’t need much of this. Less is more with this product. I use it every day and I still have the original jar I bought 2 years ago. I think probably 7 out of 10 women I know now use this as their foundation. I’m not exaggerating.

brighten-upBrighten Up 4-piece collection and gold case. These are all-over sheer colors to lighten and brighten your face. Wear them alone or with your blush. The pale gold shade can be used to highlight. The rose color to add color and the soft-focus warmth to add depth. This kit comes with a brush.

Amazing. The second person just called into the show and had tears in her voice. Bare Escentuals has changed their lives. The first woman had acne and could never wear makeup until she found bare minerals. And the next woman also could never wear makeup and has been buying everything that Leslie sells.

Uh oh. I think the credit card might have to come out now. Its the 5-piece buffing brush set for $49.00. I love the BE brushes. You get a buki brush, blush brush, soft focus shadow brush, wet/dry shadow brush, eyeliner brush in a carrying case.

bareMinerals 3-piece eye collections. Each set has a light, medium, and dark of the same shade. I don’t actually like these sets. I’m not the type to wear 3 matching shadows in colors like blue or plum. Not for me. I like the more dramatic kits.

buxom-lipsBuxom lip duos in 5 color combinations. These are lip glosses with a glassy finish. I like more color than this but these are good for daytime or for when you have a dramatic eye look.

Buki brushes. Yay! I love me some buki brushes. I always use the full coverage buki when I apply my mineral veil. I also use it for blush. I don’t have the baby buki but I must get it. It’s so cute.

Prime Time Mineral-Infused Foundation Primer. I’ve never tried a primer but I know some makeup artists who swear by it. It smoothes out the skin and pores on your face and gives you a blank canvas for your makeup.

RareMinerals night treatment. I think this is something I must try. At night you cleanse and moisturize your face, then apply rare minerals. It has some color to it so you look good when you go to bed. But more importantly, it reduces pore size and smoothes wrinkles.

Well, that’s it. I hope you had as much fun as I did. Go forth and be beautiful.

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  1. Mister man has hidden the remote this weekend and the sports station is locked on…football, football, football. So thank you for keeping me abreast of the Bare Escentuals!

    I don’t feel so bad missing it if Lisa wasn’t on.

  2. Your reminder to swirl, then tap reminds me of that part in Legally Blonde: Bend, then snap!

  3. Я бы сказал, что достаточно интересно и я соглашусь почти со всеми, кто комментировал раньше