World Nutella Day – Thursday February 5, 2009


Thanks to bleeding espresso I am ready to celebrate World Nutella Day.

I like its chocolatey hazelnut goodness spread thinly on toast. But there are all kinds of recipes for things you can do with Nutella.

Check out these sites for more information:

bleeding espresso
Ms. Advertures in Italy
At Home in Rome


Enjoy Nutella today.

17 responses to “World Nutella Day – Thursday February 5, 2009

  1. omg… thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. My life now has a purpose!

  2. wow its very pleasure

  3. Gee..I remember first finding out about Nutella when I was the the University of Surrey in England. I used it on toast and it got me dancing and thinking for the rest of the day!!!

    Wonder if they sell it here in Hawaii?

  4. They probably sell it in Hawaii, but with spam flavor instead of hazelnut.

  5. nutella is rare here in the phil. but i remember how good it was i binged and crapped on the toilet for the rest of the day..

  6. amazing! this is making me hungry just thinking about it. god i love that stuff.. i can’t keep it in the house or i eat it too quickly. maybe tomorrow i’ll make an exception.

  7. LOL Nutella day!? I think I have tried the stuff once and can’t remember if I liked it, so I might just buy some and try it today to see if I like it or not. :-p

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  9. I am feeling hungry now…. Enjoy this day…….

  10. Thanks so much for spreading the Nutella love, Grace 🙂

  11. tartineschezirene

    Hello,Wishing you a day of indulgent pleasure! Thnks for shari the fun!

  12. Happy World Nutella Day! Thanks for participating and helping us spread the word!

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  14. love it guap guap!

  15. In most American home you’ll find peanut butter, but not in my home. I have nutella!

  16. harry the hawaiian

    Yeah steve I suppose they also live in shantis made up of used spam cans or nutella spam flavored jars right.. Jeez

  17. This choc’s got drugs in it!!!!! THE BEST CHOC IN THE WORLD 🙂