My Sanctuary

woman taking a nap

I’m sitting in my living room waiting for my new bed to arrive.

I’ve been slowly redecorating my bedroom to be my peaceful sanctuary. When I moved into this house two years ago, I only had a metal bed frame for my mattress and box spring. My other bedroom furniture was an antique vanity from the 1930s, which sounds nice but was really more like a piece of junk. I never really liked it so I never used it, just piled stuff on top of it.

I replaced it several months ago with a combination vanity/desk that is much nicer and takes up less space. I bought new curtains which I have yet to hang. And now I am finally getting a pretty wooden bed frame with a headboard. I bought new pillows and new sheets, too.

I am going to put away my CD case, which is only taking up space. I use my iPod all the time. My CDs are really only backup copies now.

I need a few more items. I would like to get a pretty new table lamp. I need a nicer chair for my desk/vanity. It came with a little leather stool, but I would like some more back support.

I have a rule against televisions in the bedroom. I can’t stand the din and the constant brainwashing.

So, here I sit waiting for my new bed for my sanctuary.

What does your bedroom look like?

2 responses to “My Sanctuary

  1. man, good luck decorating your sanctuary. I really agree with you that bedrooms should be our personal sanctuaries!
    I hate tv’s in the bedrooms.

    great blog!
    check out mine… I’m new in the blogging community, but I might bring you a good laugh.


  2. What is your URL?