1920s Eye Makeup


In the 1920s, women were becoming liberated. Bobbed hair, short skirts and loose fitting undergarments were all the rage. Boyish figures were in fashion to go with the straight-cut shorter dresses.

Eye makeup was dramatic, not really a smoky eye as we know it today but a bold eye.

Kohl eyeliner was used all around the eye. You can mimic the look with dark gray or black eye colors. The dark shadow was worn close to the eye lashes and not usually above the crease of the lid.

Mascara in the Twenties came in a cake that needed to be melted down for use. The result was thick, black lashes.

Skin was kept white and matte. Lips were dark red and shaped into a small bow.

Here are some flappers with the classic 1920s makeup look.


From left to right: Louise Brooks, Clara Bow, Colleen Moore, Jacqueline Logan

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