1940s Eye Makeup


World War II dominated most of the decade and brought more independence to women than ever before. Women took jobs that were usually filled by men.

But the look of the 1940s was very sexy and alluring.

Complexions were more natural than the pale faces of earlier decades. Cheeks were rosy and glowing. Eye brows were plucked and arched but with a natural thickness. Lashes were long and dramatic but eye shadow was fairly natural. Red lips were still the rage but the top lip was rounded.

Hair was shoulder length with a side part and big waves brushed back off the face. Somtimes it was rolled or held back with pins.

Here are some beauties of the 1940s:

Left to right: Ava Gardner, Katharine Hepburn, Lana Turner, Veronica Lake
Top photo is Gene Tierney


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  1. I love the 1940’s wish i could have lived back then.