What Soap Opera Drama Queen Are You?


Quiz Time. Yay!

Your Soap Opera Drama Queen is Brooke Logan

Brooke Logan is constantly seeking true love.  Currently she believes she has found it with Ridge Forrester.  Before that she has been involved and/or married to his father and both of his brothers.  Evidently she doesn’t want a man unless he’s related to Ridge.  She also had an affair with her daughter’s husband.  Brooke likes sex.

Brooke is also a fashion designer and business woman.  If she believes something is right nothing can easily sway her from her path of action.  She has no problems in verbalizing her likes and dislikes.  If she doesn’t like you you’ll know it right away.

At heart Brooke is a romantic.  She has ideas on how life and love are supposed to be.  Unfortunately not everyone cooperates in her vision of what is.

Brooke is sensual, visual, powerful, and articulate.

Soap Opera Drama Queen Test

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