I’m on Etsy


Don’t know what Etsy is?

It’s a place to buy and sell handmade items. I’ve been making soaps and other bath products and have put a few of my products in my etsy shop. I’ll be adding more this week.

My shop name is Blushing Rose. I named it after a character in one of my favorite books, Aristoi by Walter Jon Williams.

Click here to see what I’m selling in my shop.

Have you ever bought or sold anything on etsy?

6 responses to “I’m on Etsy

  1. I did not know you were a sci fi fan. I love Walter Jon Williams.

  2. Love him. Have you ever checked out his blog:

  3. This week I found two great blogs. One is yours, and the other turns out to be yours too! And here I was suggesting you take a bath (ahem, not because you smell, but because you didn’t know what to do with yourself on your day off!)

  4. I did not know he had a blog I will check it out.

  5. behindblueeyez

    everything in your shop looks fabulous, good luck with this!