Stolen Survey


I’ve been in a blog rut lately, actually more of a life rut. I had a wisdom tooth out and the painkillers dulled my brain and made me think my body was made of wood. I can’t handle medicines. I can’t even take two aspirin at the same time. I’m much better off with wine. Anyway, my imagination has been turned off by some prescription evil force. So, I am borrowing this survey from Max. Go read Max’s blog. It’s much more interesting than mine.

The A to Z Survey.

A is for Allergies – none
B is for Beer – Guinness, but if that doesn’t count because it’s technically stout, then Boddingtons. And that starts with a B as an added bonus.
C is for Career – journalist, editor, answerer of questions
D is your Dog’s name – no dog, but my favorite dog ever was named Holly
E is for Essential item you use Everyday – lip gloss
F is for Favorite TV show – hmm, I’m working my way through The Wire
G is for Game – pheasant (just kidding)
H is for Home town – originally Philly, then New York, now L.A.
I is for Instruments – can’t play anything, got good vocals though
J is for Juice – that thick green stuff that looks gross but tastes really good
K is for whose butt you’d like to Kick – everybody’s
L is for Last place you Lived – does that mean previous to now? Beverly Hills adjacent. Only L.A. people will understand that Westside Rentals term
M is for Marriage – never been a goal of mine
N is your Name – it’s not Grace, my lovely readers just started calling me that
O is for Overnight hospital stays – none
P is for Passion – wasn’t that the show with the puppet that came to life?
Q is for Quote – “Brevity is the soul of lingerie” (Dorothy Parker) It’s all I can think of on short notice. Heh.
R is for Regret – I regret everyone I never punched in the nose who deserved it. Jeez, I’m in a bad mood.
S is for Status – almost sober
T is for the Time you woke up – not yet
U is for Underwear – right now? blue lace
V is for Vegetable – mashed potatoes
W is for Worst habit – biting my lip
X is for X-ray – just had a full head one at the dentist
Y is for Your favorite sport – it used to be hockey, then it was baseball, then Formula 1, now it’s nothing
Z is for Zodiac – Virgo, but I have a thing for Pisces

One response to “Stolen Survey

  1. “Everyone” is a great answer.