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Finding a Red Lipstick You Love


Red lips are so glamorous. A woman who wears red is daring and confident.

But there are many shades of red. How do you choose the correct one for your skin tone?

If you have fair skin, choose a cool red with a bluish cast to it. Stay away from warm reds.

Olive skin looks good in warm brownish reds, like brick. Stay away from reds that are too orange.

Dark skin tones look good in dark reds with blue tones or deep brownish reds. You should also stay away from orangey reds.

If you’re afraid red will be too overpowering for your face, try applying lipstick with your fingertip instead of from the tube. This way you can dot on as much or as little color as you like and it will stay sheer.

Here are some examples in a range of colors from Nars:

Afghan Red (satin garnet)

Fire Down Below (semi matte pure blood red)

Jungle Red (semi matte bright red)

Manhunt (sheer poppy red)

Sephora Flame (semi matte deep red brown)

Shanghai Express (semi matte warm brick red)

Red Lizard (semi matte full powered red)

Scarlet Empress (semi matte blue red)

Tamango (glistening cabernet)

Viridiana (rich burgundy)

All Nars shades are available at for $24.


Summer Pasta

Closeup of rotini pasta on a fork

Here’s a quick and easy recipe for a light summer pasta dish for two.

Boil two cups of dried pasta according to the package instructions. I used multigrain pasta because it is healthier for your heart than regular semolina pasta.

While you are waiting for the water to boil, chop two plum tomatoes, retaining all of the juice, and put into a bowl. Add a large clove of garlic, crushed. Grind in some fresh black pepper and salt to taste. Add dried oregano and a splash of olive oil. Toss it all until well blended.

When the pasta as cooked, drain and add to the tomato mixture. Take a small can of tuna packed in olive oil. Drain out most of the oil and dump the whole can into the pasta mixture. Sprinkle in some grated cheese. Toss until everything is blended through. Serve.

This meal is very tasty and easy to make. Serve with a glass of red wine.


Pretty Florals

spring primula

Summer is a great time to break out the floral prints.

Sun dresses, romantic blouses, or try a floral print skirt with a solid color top.

Top it all off with a brightly colored lipstick in a berry or rose shade. Don’t forget your toes.

Perhaps a silk flower in your hair.

Take your inspiration from nature.

Pretty in summer.

Rediscovering Lipstick

lipstick kiss

Lip gloss has been in fashion for several years now. I’m tired of super glossy lips with just a hint of color. I found an old lipstick in a drawer the other day and decided to wear it to work. Wow. You should have seen the attention I got. Not just at work, but in my car on my morning commute.

I wore a rosy pink color, not too dark, not too bright. I added a touch of gloss in the center of my bottom lip to keep it feeling modern.

So my advice, is to try wearing lipstick again. They don’t have to be the power lips of the Eighties. A sheer color will do. But it’s nice to actually have color instead of just gloss.

Twilight: New Moon Trailor

Have you read the second book?

Looking for a New Haircut

I want a new hair style for summer. But I can’t decide between two celebrity looks. Neither one is current. I just like them. My hair is very long right now and the color is a cool medium brown.

My first hair obsession is Gwyneth Paltrow’s look from The Perfect Murder. I like its casual elegance.


This look is gaining my favor, though. It’s Rose McGown from Devil in the Flesh. I like its sultry glamour.

Which do you prefer?

Funny Video

Ah, the Eighties. What were we thinking?