Lemon Love


I bought a lemon tree for my yard. Yay!

Or as I like to call it, a cocktail fruit tree.

A long time ago when I was planning on moving to California from New York, I had a dream that I rented a house with a lemon tree in the yard. Well, I have rented a house but no lemons.

On Saturday I went to an Armstrong Nursery and wandered around wondering what type of lemon to buy. They had all kinds, even one called a pink lemonade tree, which is supposed to have a light pink flesh. I was intrigued by this but thought I should start off with a classic lemony lemon.

After much debate, I chose a semi-dwarf Meyer lemon. It has real-size lemons on a tiny little tree that you can grow in a large pot. A very large pot. I’ve replanted it into something four or five times the size of what you see in the photo. I don’t want to plant it in the ground because I am only renting this property.

If you’ve read any of my gardening posts before, you know I have a dangerously black thumb. So, wish me luck!

2 responses to “Lemon Love

  1. I have always wanted a lemon tree, but I don’t think it would fare well in my Canadian climate. I almost bought one during a trip to Florida. My boyfriend said it probably wouldn’t survive in Canada if we got it past customs. haha Have fun making lemonade!

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