My New Favorite Show: Drop Dead Diva

Drop Dead Diva is smart, funny, and sometimes heart breaking. Star Brooke Elliott is wonderful as the plus-sized attorney with the heart of a supermodel.

Watch it on Lifetime.

6 responses to “My New Favorite Show: Drop Dead Diva

  1. I too adore this show. Like you said, it is funny, smart and heartbreaking. I love that a plus size gal has entered the prime time slot. A lot can be said for smart women no matter the size.

    I will be tuned in tonight just like you.

  2. I agree. It’s a delightful show that I look forward to watching for a long time. Hopefully Lifetime will acknowledge that they have a WINNER with this one.

  3. I love how she shows such determination. It is also nice that if I miss it, I can watch it in another hour.

  4. This show is great. How in the world did they find this actress? I rarely get so pulled in to a character, but I’d be devastated if I didn’t know what happened to Deb/Jane next!

  5. I love this show, too. Heard about it at a knitting group gathering and tuned right in. Love how I can see back episodes on Comcast On Demand. What a relief to find a show that’s not about violence and has entertaining dialogue! The plus-size heroine is a real bonus!!!
    Great idea for a blog post, Grace.

  6. Thanks for the heads- up! I caught it, and loved it!