Two Books I’ve Read Recently


I’ve been obsessed lately with a missing Shakespeare play. Apparently, in Shakespeare’s day, the King’s Men performed a play called Cardenio. It was written by good ole’ Will with his successor as playwright-in-chief John Fletcher.

Cardenio was performed twice but never made it into the First Folio. Will’s friends chose not to include plays that he collaborated on. (Let that be a lesson to all those writers out there who think they need a writing partner.)

Well anyway, Cardenio was based on a segment in Cervantes’ Don Quixote. But a legitimate copy of it has never been found. Digging around, I found two mystery novels that use the missing Cardenio as the basis for their plots. Neither book was a work of art, but they were both entertaining.

Looking for Cardenio by Jean Baxter

Interred With Their Bones by Jennifer Lee Carrell

Can you imagine finding a long-lost play by William Shakespeare?

One response to “Two Books I’ve Read Recently

  1. The only problem with finding the play is getting people to believe that it’s the real deal!