Do We Really Need Drugs for Our Eyelashes?

brooke-shieldsHave you seen the commercials with Brooke Shields applying Latisse to her eyelids so she can grow fuller, longer lashes?

Wasn’t she a supermodel? Does she really need help in the beauty department? Has she read the side effects?

Latisse, according to the fine print in the commercial, can cause your eyelids to darken or turn yellow. And that’s not all. It can also cause unwanted hair to grow on other places on your eyelid. Yuk!

Save your money and your eyelids. Try mascara. It’s been working for women for decades.

For help choosing the mascara that is right for you, read Grace Magazine’s 10-part series called Mascara Wars.

We can’t legally buy pot in the U.S., but you can get any kind of prescription drug you want. Side effects are your free gift with purchase.

5 responses to “Do We Really Need Drugs for Our Eyelashes?

  1. Did you hear the side effects ?!? Change of color to your eyelids that may or may not go away?… Hell. No.

  2. It also may change the color of your eyes. Very weird and scary.

  3. mascara and latisse is VERY VERY different.
    their purpose is obviously very different.
    you cannot compare apple juice and champagne.

    actually all types of medicine have really scary side effects. try reading them

  4. Did you read the post? I don’t think you understood it.

  5. Someone else posted about being in a salon and seeing women getting their eyelashes trimmed because this stuff makes the lashes keep growing. If it does that to eyelashes [which sounds kind of freaky].