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Everybody Wants To Be Kate Moss

Kate Moss Modeling Her Collection at TopShop

Kate Moss is known for her personal style as much as for her beauty and catwalking skills. Now, you too can have Kate’s style. The much anticipated Kate Moss collection for TopShop finally went on sale in London.

A crowd of 1,000 Gathered at TopShop

An orderly crowd of 1,000 gathered outside TopShop to buy from the Kate Moss collection. Customers were limited to 5 items, only 1 of each item. There are a total of 50 items in the collection.

In the U.S., the collection will be available at Barney’s New York.

Kate MossI always liked Kate Moss’s look. She wasn’t an amazon like the supermodel trinity. And although she was considered a waif, she always had a bit of a booty. She was naturally thin, not like the models of today whose knees knock together when they strut down the runway.

Read the full story by clicking here.

Click here to view the collection.

Kate Moss Collection at TopShop

Shoe Frenzy – Gearing Up For Spring makes it way too easy to shop for shoes.

But I have to be ready for spring. I need shoes so I can be true to my New Year’s resolution to wear more skirts.

Here is what I bought today:

Michael Kors Espadrilles
Michael Kors espadrilles

Jeffrey Campbell Espadrilles
Jeffrey Campbell espadrilles

Nine West Kitten Heels
Nine West Kitten Heels

Gabriella Rocha Patent Wedges
Gabriella Rocha patent wedges

Somebody stop me.

This picture is my inspiration for fall

Photo from the Sartorialist
I can’t get this image out of my head. I swiped it from The Sartorialist. I hope he doesn’t mind. Visit his blog, it’s very inspiring.

Who wouldn’t want to look like this? It’s a shame I live in southern California.

Your Closet Called…It Wants New Clothes for Spring

That’s the title of an email I received from

Black and White Clothes for SpringAnd it’s right. My closet desperately wants some new clothes. I recently moved and can’t find half of my wardrobe but I’m not really missing it. I need a change. I just cut my hair, bought some new shoes, new makeup. Now I need clothes.

I think I have “Devil Wears Prada” syndrome. All the women in that movie had so many wonderful clothes. They looked so “on” every day. I’m trying to break my lazy routine of throwing on jeans and a tee shirt. I want to be fashionable. Perhaps I’m having an early mid-life crisis.

Speaking of Prada, look at these black and white shoes. And I’m guessing that’s a Chanel bag. I always loved black and white for spring, so smart and clean-looking.
Prada Shoes and Chanel Bag at
So anyway, I took the bluefly bait, and while I didn’t buy any clothes, I did buy these Forties-inspired Delman pumps. They’re 4 inches high. I’ll never be able to walk in them. But my closet will be very happy.
Delman Pumps at

My 2007 Resolution – Wear More Skirts

Casual office attire policies have caused a rut in women’s fashion. I find myself wearing pants to the office every day. It now feels strange to wear a skirt. Even a denim skirt seems too fussy for the office.

Well, according to Trinny and Susannah, fashion therapists extraordinaire, I should accentuate the positive. I rediscovered lately that I have nice legs and I should show them off. My short, somewhat overweight frame is not enhanced by pants. But my slim ankles and former ballet-trained calves are rather shapely.

So in the spirit of the new year, I resolve to show off my gams. Of course, I’ll need to buy really cute shoes to build my confidence. I like these cuties from Salvatore Ferragamo:

Ferragamo shoes
To find what looks best on your frame, try these books by Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine:

What You Wear Can Change Your Life

Trinny and Susannah Take on America: What Your Clothes Say About You

Resolutions – Keep Them Simple

Resolutions - Keep Them Simple
The turn of a new year gives us the opportunity for a fresh start. Keep your promises simple and attainable.

Keep It Simple
Instead of resolving to lose 50 pounds, try dropping one clothing size. Trying to do too much all at once sets you up for disappointment. When you reach your objective, set another. Small steps work best.

Be Positive
Instead of trying to cut out junk food, resolve to eat healthier. A positive attitude goes a long way in helping attain your goals. And let’s face it, we all crave junk food from time to time. But if you eat healthier every day, that one rare night at McDonalds isn’t going to be so bad for you. Lunching at Taco Bell three times a week is going to pack on the pounds and make you feel bad about yourself.

Good luck and Happy New Year from Grace Magazine