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Reduce Workout Stress With Bath Salts

Warmer weather means it’s time to get serious with your workout routines. Soon, you will be leaving the jackets and sweaters behind and exposing your arms and legs.

Inevitably, with ramped-up workouts, you are likely to feel a few aches and pains.

Here is a warm, soothing way to ease your tired muscles. Make your own scented bath salts. It’s easy, inexpensive, and fun. They also make great gifts.

In a glass bowl mix together:

1 cup of dead sea salts or Epsom salts
1 teaspoon of glycerin or olive oil
10 drops of lavender essential oil or fragrance oil of your choice.

Add the fragrance one drop at a time until you get the desired strength of fragrance. Store in a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. Mix or shake before use. To use, add 1/4 cup of the mixture to the running water as you draw a bath. The warm salt water will soften your muscle aches and pull toxins from your skin. The lavender oil will help you relax and smell wonderful. I like to take a salt bath before I go to bed. I wake up refreshed and ache free.

You can purchase several kinds of bath salts at Wholesale Supplies Plus. They have European Spa Salts, Dead Sea Salts and more. Or you can buy classic Epsom salts at a drug store.

To give as a gift, you can add a few drops of food coloring to the glycerin and mix throughout the salts. Tie a pretty ribbon around the glass jar.

Peach Is the New Cherry Blossom


It seemed last year that cherry blossom was the “in” fragrance.

Cherry blossoms were everywhere: in photos, in fabrics, floating from the sky in car advertisements, in fragrances.

L’Occitane, last year, introduced a whole range of cherry blossom fragrances, including perfume, bath gel, even lip gloss.

Well, this year it is peach. Peach is the “it” fragrance for 2009.

L’Occitane, of course, has a limited edition Peach Blossom fragrance line.

I even made peach soap. On my Etsy page, you can find my peaches and cream soap. I’m trying to come up with a bath product inspired by a bellini cocktail, the wonderful champagne drink made with peach juice.

To make a classic bellini, pour peach juice or peach puree into a champagne glass about 1/3 full. Then top off with champagne or prosecco. So yummy and pretty, too.

Get your peach on.

I’m on Etsy


Don’t know what Etsy is?

It’s a place to buy and sell handmade items. I’ve been making soaps and other bath products and have put a few of my products in my etsy shop. I’ll be adding more this week.

My shop name is Blushing Rose. I named it after a character in one of my favorite books, Aristoi by Walter Jon Williams.

Click here to see what I’m selling in my shop.

Have you ever bought or sold anything on etsy?

How Often Do You Shampoo?


A new study shows that washing your hair every day helps it better respond to treatments.

Your hair is exposed to the same environment as the rest of your body, so it needs to be cleaned just as often.

Personally, I wash my hair every other day. I have a lot of hair and it takes too much time to dry and style every day.

But don’t be afraid of drying out your hair. Get into a lather.

Serenity Gift Set by LUSH

Serenity Gift Set by LUSH

Because of my love for all things beauty related and my penchant for mixing up my own soaps and lotions, friends are always letting me know of new products they’ve tried and giving me samples of things they’ve picked up.

A friend discovered LUSH while travelling on business. She was looking for ways to pamper herself while she had a prolonged stay in a hotel.

The Serenity Set by Lush – $35.45

A beautiful collection for calming, inspirational baths
Some people go an entire lifetime without experiencing a waking moment of serenity. Some of us have got to the point where we think that five minutes a day is pretty wonderful, but wouldn’t ten be better? Up your friends’ serenity quotient by giving them our Serenity box with five soothing treats, including A Ring of Roses buttercream for soft skin and Bathos bubble bar for a lovely, peaceful bath time.

Set includes:
Alkmaar Handmade Soap, Ring of Roses Conditioning Buttercream, Bathos Bubble Bar, Butterball Bath Bomb, Ceridwen’s Cauldron Luxury Bath Melt

Available at LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Price: $35.45

Italian Milk Soap

Santa Maria Novella Rose Milk Soap

Milk soap is fabulous for dry and sensitive skin. This Italian gift box of 3 soap bars has a clean, fresh scent and gentle, rich lather.

Santa Maria Novella: Rose Milky Soap Box – $48.00

Triple milled, each exquisite bar is hand-molded using 19th century equipment, aged for 60 days in ventilated cabinets, then hand-wrapped. The all-natural, milk-based formula is infused with the romantic scent of rose for a lather that is rich, gentle, and softly moisturizing.

100% whole milk base. Softens dry and sensitive skin. Lasts about three times longer than ordinary soap while maintaining its shape and scent. Limited, controlled production at the original Florence site. All herbs and flowers cultivated naturally without pesticides.

This would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift.

Available at

Stress Release: Beauty

Chanel Beauty

I can’t help it. I’m a beauty addict.

Beauty products relax me, especially when they are high quality and long lasting.

Work stress is an everyday part of my life. Thankfully, it’s not stressed caused by people I don’t like or don’t respect. Quite the opposite. I work with people I admire and trust. But we work in an extremely busy and fast-paced atmosphere.

One of my pleasures is looking good and smelling lovely. When you have to work closely with others, your fragrance can’t be overwhelming. It should be personal and enjoyed just by you.

I write often about how much I love Chanel No. 5. These are my favorite Chanel products at the moment.

Chanel No. 5 Bath Gel
I use this in the shower with a nylon puff. It produces a rich lather and provides aromatherapy benefits for my sleepy morning routine.

Chanel No. 5 Essentials Bath Oils
I follow up my shower by smoothing on this moisturizing oil before I towel off. The light scent lasts all day without overpowering. It’s a modern way to enjoy this classic fragrance.

4 Fleurs de Chanel Yeux-Eyes Exclusive Creation – Limited Edition
To add to my prettiness factor, I just purchased this eye shadow quad. The colors are soft and feminine. The packaging and presentation are romantic. I enjoy using them in the morning before my commute.

What are your favorite beauty products?

Origins Organics

Origins Organics

Origins has introduced a new certified organic line of skincare products.

Products include face wash, body lotion, lip balms, hair care oil and more, using ingredients that have been certified organic by the USDA.

Organic ingredients are free from chemicals and preservatives and are also produced by farmers who respect nature and are careful with the way they treat the earth and water supply.

I can’t wait to try the foaming face wash.

Visit the Origins Organics Web site to learn more.

Sale Alert: L’Occitane en Provence

L’Occitane Sale

L’Occitane has some fabulous products, including luxurious hand creams, fragrant shower gels, refined vegetable bar soaps, and more.

Shopping the stores and Web site can be a little pricey. But right now, they are having a sales on over 150 products.

Here are some highlights:

L’Occitane Hand Creams TrioHand Creams Trio – $25.00
Three 1 oz. tubes lightly scented with Cherry Blossom, Honey Lemon and Rose. Rich and creamy. Perfect to relieve winter dryness.

L’Occitane Holiday Hands TrioHoliday Hands Trio – $25.00
A limited edition 1 oz. Hand Cream trio lightly scented with Rose, Shea Butter and Lavender. If you didn’t get these for Christmas, it’s time to gift them to yourself.

L’Occitane Bonne Mere SoapBonne Mere Soap in Lavender – 4.3 oz. bar for $4.80
Made with a pure plant base, in the Marseille tradition of soap-making, and blended with mineral pigments so that bars are delicately tinted. Scented with the relaxing aroma of lavender.

L’Occitane Lip Gloss TrioLip Gloss Trio – $22.00
Three 0.5 oz. lip glosses lightly scented with Cherry Blossom, Honey Lemon and Rose. For a sweet scented pucker.

And remember, each time you order you get to choose three free samples.

I highly recommend anything in the Shea Butter or Olive Harvest lines.

The Soft Sell

Soft Surroundings Sale

It’s an interesting concept, a catalog that contains only soft items.

And they are having a SALE.

I just bought some fluffy Bellissima Towels from

Soft Surroundings Towels

They have other items, too, like clothes, shoes, sheets and blankets. I’m getting warm and cozy just thinking about it.

Imagine slinking aroung the house in this lovely Embroidered Satin Caftan.

Soft Surroundings Caftan

Or wrapping yourself in this Saturday Morning Sweater.

Soft Surroundings Sweater

Shop online. It’s cozy time.