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Best Dressed at the BAFTAs

Who do you think was the best dressed at the BAFTAs?

I’ve selected six finalists. You name the winner.

New Year, New Poll


The holidays are officially behind us.

Choose as many answers as you like.

Holiday Poll

Bought a MacBook

I just bought a MacBook. I’ve always been a PC user, so it’s a little weird for me.

I can’t decide if I want to buy word processing software designed for Mac or if I should buy Microsoft Office for Mac. Any suggestions?

Who Is Your Favorite Style Icon?


Poll: What Issue Is Most Important To You In This Election?

U.S. Flag

The Great Pumpkin Wants To Know

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

My First Poll Is About Shoes


I was trying to think of something to poll my readers. A male friend of mine suggested this quickie:

He has no idea what that even means. He thinks all I blog about are shoes.