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Vintage Chanel No.5 Ads

Vintage 1960 Chanel No. 5 ad

Here are some vintage Chanel ads from the 1960s. I always find it interesting to flip through old magazines. I found these online.

I find the ad copy somewhat strange: Every woman alive wants Chanel No. 5.
Vintage 1960s Chanel No. 5 ad

Vintage 1960s Chanel No. 5 ad

Vintage 1960s Chanel No. 5 ad

I’m Too Sexy for Your Brand, Too Sexy

angelina jolie st. john ad

Angelina Jolie had been replaced as the model for St. John clothing because she’s too famous. The company says she overshadows the brand.

Oh well, they had a good three-year run together. I remember St. John ads from magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. They used to featured the daughter of the company’s founder. But they were always rather conservative in their knitwear. Angelina gave them some street cred.

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