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France Targets Anorexia in the Media

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“The French National Assembly has passed a groundbreaking bill which seeks to criminalize the promotion in the media of extreme thinness.” — BBC News

This bill targets Web sites and publications that encourage anorexia among young girls and women.

If the bill is approved in France’s Senate, stiff fines and jail time could result for those seeking to promote extreme thinness by encouraging girls to lie to their doctors and telling them what are the easiest foods to bring back up.

There are more than 40,000 anorexic women in France.

In the U.S. we don’t know how many women are anorexic because most cases are not reported. If you know someone you suspect may have an eating disorder, encourage them to get help. They can contact the National Eating Disorders Association helpline at 800-931-2237 or the National Women’s Health Information Center at 800-994-9662.