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Quick Stress Fix

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When I get home from work, the muscles around my neck are shoulders are usually tight after sitting at a desk all day. This only gets compounded by driving in traffic.

Here is a quick and pleasant way to relieve tension. You’ll need a bowl of warm water, a wash cloth and your favorite calming essential oil. Lavender and camomile are best.

Fill a medium-sized bowl with warm water. Add a few drops of essential oil and swish around with your hands. Put in a wash cloth and soak for a minute. Then ring out and apply to face and neck. Breathe deeply. The warmth and soothing scent will help relax your muscles. The cloth will cool off quickly, so reapply a few times.

These little moments alone can really help. Try adding some relaxing music.

Stress Release: Beauty

Chanel Beauty

I can’t help it. I’m a beauty addict.

Beauty products relax me, especially when they are high quality and long lasting.

Work stress is an everyday part of my life. Thankfully, it’s not stressed caused by people I don’t like or don’t respect. Quite the opposite. I work with people I admire and trust. But we work in an extremely busy and fast-paced atmosphere.

One of my pleasures is looking good and smelling lovely. When you have to work closely with others, your fragrance can’t be overwhelming. It should be personal and enjoyed just by you.

I write often about how much I love Chanel No. 5. These are my favorite Chanel products at the moment.

Chanel No. 5 Bath Gel
I use this in the shower with a nylon puff. It produces a rich lather and provides aromatherapy benefits for my sleepy morning routine.

Chanel No. 5 Essentials Bath Oils
I follow up my shower by smoothing on this moisturizing oil before I towel off. The light scent lasts all day without overpowering. It’s a modern way to enjoy this classic fragrance.

4 Fleurs de Chanel Yeux-Eyes Exclusive Creation – Limited Edition
To add to my prettiness factor, I just purchased this eye shadow quad. The colors are soft and feminine. The packaging and presentation are romantic. I enjoy using them in the morning before my commute.

What are your favorite beauty products?