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Do We Really Need Drugs for Our Eyelashes?

brooke-shieldsHave you seen the commercials with Brooke Shields applying Latisse to her eyelids so she can grow fuller, longer lashes?

Wasn’t she a supermodel? Does she really need help in the beauty department? Has she read the side effects?

Latisse, according to the fine print in the commercial, can cause your eyelids to darken or turn yellow. And that’s not all. It can also cause unwanted hair to grow on other places on your eyelid. Yuk!

Save your money and your eyelids. Try mascara. It’s been working for women for decades.

For help choosing the mascara that is right for you, read Grace Magazine’s 10-part series called Mascara Wars.

We can’t legally buy pot in the U.S., but you can get any kind of prescription drug you want. Side effects are your free gift with purchase.

Review: Clairol Perfect 10


I was skeptical. How could at-home hair color possibly cover my gray in only 10 minutes?

But then I read the consumer reviews online and women were saying that it actually works.

So, I gave it a try.

First, let me tell you about my hair. I started going gray in college and I’ve been coloring my hair at home for a long time. For the past few years I’ve been using Nice ‘n Easy by Clairol. Last year around this time I was using a dark blonde shade. But I tired of it and missed my natural brown, if you can call 40% gray natural brown.

My hair is very long, half-way down my back. I progressed through light brown and have settled on Medium Cool Brown. My hair grows very quickly and I usually need to color every three weeks. If I try to stretch it to four I get a big silver stripe down my part. If I just need to touch up the roots, I buy one box of color. If I want to refresh the whole head, I need to use two to be able to saturate all of my hair.

There are more shades in the Nice ‘n Easy palette than there are in the Perfect 10 line. I couldn’t find a cool brown that wasn’t ash. I’m not a big fan of ashy colors. I think they look a little green. So I chose Mocalotive, a true Medium Brown.

Perfect 10 takes just as long as any hair color to apply. But the waiting time is drastically reduced. My hair is not very porous so I usually have to wait about 40 minutes with the regular Nice ‘n Easy. If I get lazy and don’t wait the whole time, I always regret it because my gray coverage is not as complete.

So, in trying Perfect 10, I decided to really go for it and rinse in exactly 10 minutes. And it worked. My grays have disappeared and my hair is soft and shiny. I’ve been through a washing, so I know that it didn’t all rinse out. It looks just as good today as it did when I first colored it.

Application was easy. I used the root application method, which means I used the usual squeeze tube to apply color to my roots. The color goes on the same color that you get, which was a nice change. Some hair colors, like the regular Nice ‘n Easy, look purple when they are sitting on your head. They end up brown. But with Perfect 10 what you see is what you get. It looked a lovely brown as I was applying the color.

I had a little left over from my root application so I tried out the comb applicator. I really liked it. I combed the remaining color through my hair as a touch up. It makes coloring long hair much easier.

Ten minutes later I was ready to style.

I highly recommend Perfect 10. My hair color looks natural, not freshly dyed. And I saved so much time. The only drawback is that it costs about $13-$14. Still much less than at a salon. But the regular Nice ‘n Easy is only about $7 or $8.

Clairol Perfect 10 Hair Color

Chanel Collection Noirs Obscurs


Chanel Collection Noirs Obscurs

No, this collection is not for Halloween. But it is dramatic and slightly evil — in a fun way, of course.

An edgy collection of colors in various shades of black. So modern.

I wish I could wear my makeup like this everyday.


Quatuor Boutons de Chanel
Quadra Eyeshadow

Les Folies Noires, a quartet of shadows in near-black shades of intense green, mahogany, midnight blue and dark violet.

Imagine the smoky eye possibilities.


Inimitable Noir Obscur
Mascara Multi-Dimensionnel


Exceptionnel de Chanel Noir Obscur
Intense Volume and Curl Mascara

Both volumizing and curling mascara formulas come in Extreme Black.

Who needs falsies? Bat those lashes.


Le Crayon Yeux
Precision Eye Definer

A smooth eye liner pencil in a limited edition shade of red-tinged black called Demoniac.

Draw a your own conclusion with this seductive pencil.


Rouge Allure
Luminous Satin Lip Colour

Three limited-edition lip colors in deep dark shades of seduction: Maniac, Hysteria, and Obscure.

Pucker up with a blood red pout.


Aqualumiere Gloss
High Shine Sheer Concentrate

A light-weight lip gloss in a glittery deep shade called Furious.

Reflect on the possibilities with this shiny gloss.


Le Vernis
Nail Colour

Three colors in black-inspired shades of Diabolic, Vendetta, and Forbidden.

Let your bad girl play with the latest beauty collection from Chanel.

Really Useful Makeup Tutorial

How to Make Small Eyes Look Larger and Protruding Eyes Look Smaller.

The makeup artist does one eye one big and one eye small. Lots of great hints about products as well.

Rediscovering Lipstick

lipstick kiss

Lip gloss has been in fashion for several years now. I’m tired of super glossy lips with just a hint of color. I found an old lipstick in a drawer the other day and decided to wear it to work. Wow. You should have seen the attention I got. Not just at work, but in my car on my morning commute.

I wore a rosy pink color, not too dark, not too bright. I added a touch of gloss in the center of my bottom lip to keep it feeling modern.

So my advice, is to try wearing lipstick again. They don’t have to be the power lips of the Eighties. A sheer color will do. But it’s nice to actually have color instead of just gloss.

Les Noirs De Chanel


Lips and nails make a seductive statement with a collection of trend-defining shades inspired by Mademoiselle Chanel’s love of the colour black.

Rouge Allure in Maniac, Hysteria, and Obscure

Le Vernis in Rouge Noir, Vendetta, and Madness

Dark and mysterious, dare you wear such brooding colors? Nails are one thing, but dark, dark lips? I can’t wait to try them to see if they are sheer or creamy. There is not much information on the Chanel Web site. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Get Angelina Jolie’s Makeup Look

Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globes

Marlena from MakeupGeek.com takes us through a step-by-step video of how to achieve Angelina Jolie’s makeup look from the Golden Globe Awards.

MakeupGeek.com has loads of advice on how to apply makeup and what are the best products. Check out her Web site for more information. She’s definitely going into the blogroll.

Baby Cheeks

face baby on the black background

During the Christmas holidays I traveled back East to the bitter cold.

On a good day, I have dry skin. Living in Southern California I manage to keep it under control with a myriad of expensive sunscreens, skin creams and luxury lotions.

But as soon my plane touched down and I stepped outside, the skin on my cheeks chapped right up. I actually had red flaky patches on each side of my face.

My sister had a jar of good old-fashioned Pond’s skin cream in her bathroom cabinet. I remember my mother saying that her mother always used Pond’s and had beautiful skin well into her 80s. I used it the whole time I was home and my face recuperated almost instantly. My skin was as soft as a baby’s.

Now, I’m a devoted fan. I slather it on before bed. You can find it at any drug store. My sister had the dry skin formula so that is what I bought, too. It costs less than $5.00. The scent is a little strong but pleasant, and it fades in no time. You’re not stuck smelling it all night.

Sometimes, the old-fashioned products are best. They haven’t lasted this many decades for nothing.

Pond’s Dry Skin Cream


Stocking Stuffers


bareMinerals Glimmer

Tiny pots of shimmering color to make your eyes sparkle. What’s not to like about an eye color called Take Me or Reveal?

$13.00 at QVC


Lancome Juicy Tubes Holiday 2008

This ultra shiny lip gloss comes in five limited-edition shades for the holiday season. I like Icon of Stage.

$18.00 at Lancome-USA


L’Occitane Mini Pure Shea Butter

100% pure shea butter in a convenient little tin. I use it on my nails and cuticles. But you could also use it on your lips, face, split ends, or any dry patches.

$8.00 at L’Occitane

Mascara Wars: Wrap-Up


After testing ten very different mascaras, my beauty life has been changed. I’m not exaggerating. I’ve always used drugstore brands of mascara thinking they were no different than any of the more expensive kinds. I was very wrong.

I would never buy foundation or powder in a drugstore, but I have no problem buying inexpensive lip gloss or nail polish. I had no idea that a pricier mascara could be so much better.

My mascara of the last few years has been Cover Girl’s Fantastic Lash. I’ve been using it since Maybelline discontinued my previous favorite which was Lash by Lash. I’ve never liked Great Lash, couldn’t stand the smell, the brush, or the look.

I’ve been perfectly happy with Fantastic Lash until this experiment made me discover a whole new world of eye lash happiness.

So, onto the results.

I found myself reaching for Korres Deep Colour Mascara as the first mascara I wanted to wear again. And then the next day, I reached for it again. It is my clear favorite. The brush is full yet tapered and pointy to get into the corners. The formula goes on dark without clumping and without getting too thick. It made my lashes very long without becoming heavy. And it held the curl all day until I was ready to remove it. My lashes are naturally long and I have a tendency to get mascara all over my eyelid when I apply it so I aways put on my masacara before my eyeshadow. This way I can correct my sloppiness. So I like a mascara that doesn’t stain the skin too much when I try to remove my mishaps. Korres comes off cleanly.

My runner-up is Smashbox Bionic Mascara. It also went on easily and looked professional. My only problem was that it was difficult to remove.

Sephora Atomic Mascara was also very nice and very quick to apply. But I was a little put off by the very spiky brush. Makeup Forever Smoky Lash was also a keeper. It made my lashes long and curled without being overly dramatic.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes started out okay but didn’t have staying power. Urban Decay Big Fatty could use a better brush design. The mascara itself gave a soft effect but the brush made it difficult to apply. I also found the packaging off-putting.

I thought some of the mascaras were strange. DuWop’s Lash Venom had fibers in the formula that didn’t really achieve anything. I think they were supposed to bond themselves to my lashes and make them artificially longer. But it just didn’t work.

I’m all for innovation as long as it accomplishes something. Too Faced Lash Injection Pin Point Mascara was a very different experience but the crazy formula worked. It wrapped my lashes in tiny tubes which were strange at first, but I really liked the look. I had the opposite reaction to Cargo TexasLash, however, which also tried to create tiny tubes but didn’t have the same dramatic effect.

Vincent Longo The Curl was the first mascara I tried and I was very disappointed. I can’t help but think the sample was a reject. There didn’t seem to be anything in the tube.

I hope my experiments inspire you to lash out.