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Charlotte and Pierre Casiraghi 2009 Rose Ball in Monaco

Princess Caroline’s Beautiful Daughter Charlotte Casiraghi

Charlotte Casiraghi’s hair at the 2009 Rose Ball in Monaco

Charlotte and Pierre arrive

Charlotte and Pierre


Charlotte enjoying the party

Charlotte making the classic Grace Kelly hand gesture. Her mother Caroline also does this with her hand.

Pictures from the 2009 Rose Ball in Monaco

Once again, the Grimaldis and Casiraghis do not disappoint. Here are photos from the Bal de la Rose 2009 in Monaco. The theme was Rock ‘n Rose.

Charlotte Casiraghi

Princess Caroline, Prince Albert and girlfriend Charlene

Charlotte and Pierre Casiraghi

Handsome Pierre Casiraghi

Pretty Charlotte Casiraghi with simple makeup and upswept hair

More Pictures From the 2008 Rose Ball in Monaco

Princess Caroline of Hanover with Prince Ernst of Hanover

Princess Caroline with Prince Ernst of Hanover

Princess Caroline with Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfled taking a picture of Princess Caroline

Charlotte and Pierre Casiraghi

Charlotte and Pierre at dinner

Charlotte Casiraghi

Pretty Charlotte

Charlotte Casiraghi

Sometimes Charlotte looks just like her grandmother Grace Kelly; sometimes she looks just like her mother Princess Caroline

Princess Caroline with Pedro Almodovar

Princess Caroline with Pedro Almodovar

Pictures from 2008 Rose Ball in Monaco: Fashion

Princess Caroline at the 2008 Rose Ball

Three views of Princess Caroline’s pretty hair and makeup

Pictures of Charlotte Casiraghi at the 2008 Rose Ball in Monaco

Stunning Charlotte Casiraghi

Details of Charlotte Casiraghi’s makeup at the Rose Ball

Details of Charlotte Casiraghi’s hair and makeup, classic yet colorful.

Princess Caroline’s dress and purse at the 2008 Rose Ball in Monaco

Full length photo of Princess Caroline’s dress with cute little rose-covered purse

Charlotte Casiraghi’s dress at the 2008 Rose Ball in Monaco

Charlotte Casiraghi’s long black dress

Pierre Casiraghi and Charlotte Casiraghi at the 2008 Rose Ball in MonacoPierre Casiraghi and Charlotte Casiraghi

Pierre Casiraghi and Charlotte Casiraghi

Charlotte Casiraghi in London

Charlotte Casiraghi in LondonOn one of her first official functions, Charlotte Casiraghi helps uncle Al, a.k.a. Prince Albert, His Serene Highness of Monaco, cut the ribbon on the principality’s new Consulate General.

Princess Caroline’s pretty daughter Charlotte, who is in London on a journalism internship, lended youthful glamour and elegance to the London event. She also happens to be dating the son of a British business tycoon, Alex Dellal, who runs a trendy art gallery in Hoxton Square.

Charlotte Casiraghi and Prince Albert in London

Prince Albert of Monaco in London

Source: Hello Magazine

Pictures of Charlotte Casiraghi – Modern Beauty

Charlotte Casiraghi, daughter of Princess Caroline of Hanover and Monaco, granddaughter of Grace Kelly, is growing up to be quite the beauty.

She is strikingly like her lovely mother, and sometimes when smiling, looks the picture of Grace Kelly but with brown hair.

At just 21 years old, she is emerging to be a role model of beauty and style.

Here are various photos I found around the Web:

Charlotte Casiraghi
Charlotte Casiraghi
Charlotte Casiraghi

Good genes run in the family.

Pictures From the 2007 Rose Ball in Monaco

Dancing at the 2007 Rose Ball
Here are photos from the 2007 Bal de la Rose in Monaco. The annual black-tie event benefits the Princess Grace Foundation. This year’s theme was Tzigane, a gypsy theme.

Albert, Caroline, Ernst
Prince Albert of Monaco with his sister Princess Caroline and her husband Prince Ernst of Hanover.

Serene Siblings
Serene Siblings: Pierre, Charlotte and Andrea Casiraghi, children of Princess Caroline.

Princess Caroline
Stunning Princess Caroline. Is that Lagerfeld she is wearing?

Charlotte and Pierre dancing at The Rose Ball 2007
Brother and sister: Charlotte and Pierre dancing at the The Rose Ball.

Beautiful Charlotte
Beautiful Charlotte Casiraghi. Chanel Black Satin nail polish?

Charlotte and Pierre
Charlotte and Pierre Casiraghi.

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