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A Cup of Hot Christmas Cheer: Vin Brule

Vin Brule

Old-fashioned mulled wine has always intrigued me. But the complexity of the ingredients has scared me away. And I just don’t like cloves that much.

I found this simple recipe for Vin Brule that only has 4 key ingredients:

– 1 bottle of dry red wine (burgundy is best)
– 4 cinnamon sticks
– the peel of 1 orange
– 3-4 tablespoons of sugar

Put all ingredients in a medium sauce pan. Cover and cook on high. When it starts to boil, remove lid and light with a match. Be careful: A beautiful large blue flame will burst out.

When the flames dies down, ladle into mugs. Serves 4.


Don’t forget to spill a little wine to the gods.