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Easiest Cappuccino Ever

Bialetti Mukka Express

I love to have a cappuccino in the morning or afternoon or after dinner or any time really.

It’s easy when you’re in a restaurant or out and about to have someone else make it for you. But when you’re at home, you have to get the foam just right, then you have to clean it up before it gets all gunky.

Well, I found a product that makes it super easy, the Bialetti Mukka Express. I was skeptical at first but then I tried it and it really works. And it’s easy to clean, too.

You have to follow the instructions to the letter, but they are simple, and it makes two cups of cappuccino or one modern-day sized one. There are also instructions for making a latte.

You can find the Mukka Express in places like William Sonoma or Target, but I bought mine directly from the Bialetti Web site. Shipping was free and my Mukka Express arrived in a couple of days with a free 8 oz. package of ground espresso coffee.

I bought the polished silver maker, but you can also get a cute cow print, or a pink one that sends part of the proceeds to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation

So easy and so delicious. Highly recommended.

Coffee Art

A friend sent me this. There are several coffee houses in Vancouver that bring coffee to an art form.

coffee artcoffee art

coffee artcoffee art

coffee artcoffee art

coffee artcoffee art

How do you take your coffee?