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Poll: Easter Candy

Easter Cup of chocolate candies.

When I was a kid, we dyed hard-boiled eggs on Holy Saturday and my Mother hid them around the house on Easter morning. Whatever we found went into our Easter baskets. My mother is a chocoholic, so our baskets always included a giant hollow chocolate egg that was filled with foil-wrapped chocolate footballs, jelly beans, speckled malty ball eggs, and I would get a chocolate bunny and my brother would get a chocolate cross. There was a huge coconut cream egg in the center of the dining room table that we could slice and eat.

What was in your Easter basket?

Eggcellent Traditions

Colored Easter Eggs

Coloring eggs is a tradition dating back thousands of years.

According to Paas, the Easter Egg decorating eggsperts, ancient Persians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used colored eggs to celebrate Spring.

In the thirteen century, Macedonians were the first Christians to use colored eggs at Easter time. The tradition soon spread throughout Europe.

Choose from Paas traditional kits or try one of the funkier ones like, beaded, glow-in-the-dark, tye-dyed, scribblers or egg heads.

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