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Lemon Love


I bought a lemon tree for my yard. Yay!

Or as I like to call it, a cocktail fruit tree.

A long time ago when I was planning on moving to California from New York, I had a dream that I rented a house with a lemon tree in the yard. Well, I have rented a house but no lemons.

On Saturday I went to an Armstrong Nursery and wandered around wondering what type of lemon to buy. They had all kinds, even one called a pink lemonade tree, which is supposed to have a light pink flesh. I was intrigued by this but thought I should start off with a classic lemony lemon.

After much debate, I chose a semi-dwarf Meyer lemon. It has real-size lemons on a tiny little tree that you can grow in a large pot. A very large pot. I’ve replanted it into something four or five times the size of what you see in the photo. I don’t want to plant it in the ground because I am only renting this property.

If you’ve read any of my gardening posts before, you know I have a dangerously black thumb. So, wish me luck!

Growing Tomatoes Again


This time from seeds. They look big in this photo but they’re only about and inch tall.

These are Cherry Roma Tomatoes. I found them at seedsavers.org.

Here is the description from the Web site:

Cherry Roma Tomato
Incredibly heavy set of 1″ long plum-shaped fruits. Addictive sweet-spicy flavor, great fresh or dried. Fruits hold well for extended periods. Similar in appearance to grocery store grape tomatoes, but actually has good flavor!

Packet of 50 seeds $2.75

I’m also growing some flowers, but they are much, much smaller at this point. If I’m successful I’ll take a pictures of them when they bloom.

Have you planted anything this year?