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Let’s Do the Twist

Having a bad hair day? Try this quick and simple upsweep hairstyle.

The classic French twist:

Katie Holmes Goes Even Shorter

Katie Holmes really short haircut

Katie Holmes has done it again. Her hair is the talk of the town. This time it’s even shorter.

Here’s the history of Katie’s Holmes haircuts:

A. At first she had a longish bob but without the dramatic points that Posh was sporting.

B. Then she had an Anna Wintour/Louise Brooks bob.

C. Now, she looks like Demi Moore circa Ghost era.

There aren’t many picture available yet. But you can see in this photo, it looks really cute on her.

Choose your favorite Katie Holmes look:

The history of Katies Homes haircuts

Katie Holmes New Haircut

Picture of Katie Holmes new haircut

Katie Holmes does it again with another cute new haircut.

This time she wows with an even more extreme bob, sort of a longish Louise Brooks look.

Here are some stunning photos of her new do. Oh yeah, and that guy she’s married to is in the pictures, too.

Wow, she looks tall.

Photo of Katie Holmes new hair cut

Photo of Katie Holmes new haircut

Picture of Katie Holmes new haircut

Click here to see the original version of Katie Holmes’ haircut.