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Review: The Jane Austen Book Club

Emily Blunt in The Jane Austen Book Club

You’d think by the title that The Jane Austen Book Club would be a real girly movie. But I know several men who have enjoyed it as much as I have.

Emily Blunt is fantastic as Prudie, a young high school teacher caught in a lackluster marriage. All of the actresses do a great job including Kathy Baker, Maria Bello, Amy Brenneman and Maggie Grace. But Emily Blunt steals the show.

Hugh Dancy also lights up the screen as the only male member of the book club. He’s a science fiction fanatic who assumes that the complete works of Austen are sequels. He also has an R2D2 ringtone on his phone. So cute. He joins the club because he is attracted to Jocelyn (Maria Bello), who, of course, takes forever to realize it.

The movie is a lot of fun and is deeper than the trailers would suggest.

Best lines:

Dean (Prudie’s husband): Baby, high school is over.
Prudie: High school is never over.

Prudie (talking about one of her students): He looks at me like he’s the spoon, and I’m this dish of ice cream.


The Jane Austen Book Club