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Katie Holmes Has Long Hair Again?

Katie Holmes Long Hair

The obsession continues. Katie Holmes arrived at the Japanese premiere of husband Tom Cruise’s new movie, Valkyrie. And guess what? She had long hair.


They were extensions, of course, because just a few days before she had her cute little bobbed do. She sure knows how to stir up the Internet.

Here is a picture from March 11, 2009:


Here is a picture from March 8 2009:
Katie Holmes bobbed hairKatie Holmes haircut

And a couple of months ago:


Katie Holmes Wows With Yet Another Hair Style


In the neverending tale of Katie Holmes hair, the latest chapter shows Katie with a softer sideswept bob. Shiny and face flattering, this may be the best cut on her yet.

We’ve seen the initial bob, the dramatic flapper bob, the Demi Moore cut, the pixie, and now the mature sleek bob.

What will Katie do next?

Katie Holmes Pixie Cut

Katie Holmes Haircut - The Pixie

The interest in Katie Holmes’s hair never ends. She just keeps going shorter and shorter and we can’t keep our eyes off of her.

Her latest look is the pixie cut. We think she looks adorable.

What do you think? Do you like this look or do you prefer her bobbed hair?

Click here to see the evolution of Katie Holmes hair.

Top 10 Things I Need For Fall

Wolford Tights

As a Virgo, I like to make lists. Here is my list of 10 things I need for fall.

  1. black turtleneck sweater – preferably with dolman sleeves (I love Dolman sleeves!)
  2. new black ankle boots – I can never have enough. I have a pretty pair with a stiletto heel. But I need a pair with a thicker, more casual heel.
  3. black pashmina – to keep me warm at my office. (hmm, black is becoming a theme) I’m tired of wearing jackets. Shawls make me feel more feminine, like I’m in a Jane Austen novel. I guess Elizabeth Bennett wouldn’t wear black unless she was in mourning though. Maybe, I’ll get a second one in a bright fuchsia.
  4. new lipsticks – I’m tired of glosses with little or no color. I want strong lips this fall, probably from Chanel, because Chanel is my life.
  5. high-waisted jeans – I’m so glad to see the high waist come back. I’m tired of the low-waisted androgynous look. It only looks good on models and teenagers.
  6. something shiny – perhaps a satin blouse or bias-cut satin skirt.
  7. wide patent leather belt with a big buckle – this will look great around my black turtleneck dolman sleeve sweater.
  8. houndstooth skirt – I love black-and-white houndstooth. This will look so cute with black tights, my black turtleneck dolman sleeve sweater and black booties.
  9. a new haircut – My hair is really long right now. And while I enjoy having it halfway down my back and the male attention it attracts, I’m tired of fixing it. I’m thinking of the Katie Holmes cut, a not-too-short bob. Always the debate: Do I want pretty hair accessories, or should I just cut it off?
  10. Wolford tights – a modern, sexy way to dress up your leg for fall and add texture to your wardrobe.

What do you want for fall?

Wolford Sweater

Images courtesy of Wolford.

Longing For Short Hair

Katie Holmes with short hair

Every now and then I wish I had short hair, especially when I see an exceptionally cute cut.

I love Katie Holmes new bobbed do. It looks so easy to maintain.

But whenever I get my hair cut short, I regret it in about a week and can’t wait to grow it out.

Here’s another view with it styled more traditionally.
Katie Holmes bobbed hair