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Mascara Wars: Wrap-Up


After testing ten very different mascaras, my beauty life has been changed. I’m not exaggerating. I’ve always used drugstore brands of mascara thinking they were no different than any of the more expensive kinds. I was very wrong.

I would never buy foundation or powder in a drugstore, but I have no problem buying inexpensive lip gloss or nail polish. I had no idea that a pricier mascara could be so much better.

My mascara of the last few years has been Cover Girl’s Fantastic Lash. I’ve been using it since Maybelline discontinued my previous favorite which was Lash by Lash. I’ve never liked Great Lash, couldn’t stand the smell, the brush, or the look.

I’ve been perfectly happy with Fantastic Lash until this experiment made me discover a whole new world of eye lash happiness.

So, onto the results.

I found myself reaching for Korres Deep Colour Mascara as the first mascara I wanted to wear again. And then the next day, I reached for it again. It is my clear favorite. The brush is full yet tapered and pointy to get into the corners. The formula goes on dark without clumping and without getting too thick. It made my lashes very long without becoming heavy. And it held the curl all day until I was ready to remove it. My lashes are naturally long and I have a tendency to get mascara all over my eyelid when I apply it so I aways put on my masacara before my eyeshadow. This way I can correct my sloppiness. So I like a mascara that doesn’t stain the skin too much when I try to remove my mishaps. Korres comes off cleanly.

My runner-up is Smashbox Bionic Mascara. It also went on easily and looked professional. My only problem was that it was difficult to remove.

Sephora Atomic Mascara was also very nice and very quick to apply. But I was a little put off by the very spiky brush. Makeup Forever Smoky Lash was also a keeper. It made my lashes long and curled without being overly dramatic.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes started out okay but didn’t have staying power. Urban Decay Big Fatty could use a better brush design. The mascara itself gave a soft effect but the brush made it difficult to apply. I also found the packaging off-putting.

I thought some of the mascaras were strange. DuWop’s Lash Venom had fibers in the formula that didn’t really achieve anything. I think they were supposed to bond themselves to my lashes and make them artificially longer. But it just didn’t work.

I’m all for innovation as long as it accomplishes something. Too Faced Lash Injection Pin Point Mascara was a very different experience but the crazy formula worked. It wrapped my lashes in tiny tubes which were strange at first, but I really liked the look. I had the opposite reaction to Cargo TexasLash, however, which also tried to create tiny tubes but didn’t have the same dramatic effect.

Vincent Longo The Curl was the first mascara I tried and I was very disappointed. I can’t help but think the sample was a reject. There didn’t seem to be anything in the tube.

I hope my experiments inspire you to lash out.

Dramatic Lashes For Halloween

Make Up For Ever Lashes

Make Up For Ever has an extensive line of eye lashes ranging from exotically colorful to naturally beauty-enhancing looks.

Check out the Make Up For Ever Lash Bar at Sephora.com.

Here’s a wild, bird-inspired look for a crazy Halloween costume.
Make Up Forever Lashes

Imagine your smoky-eye look with these little feathers in the corners. Bellissima.
Make Up Forever Lashes

Here’s a natural, eye-opening look with a slight hint of color. It makes the models eyes look like Catherine Zeta-Jones.
Make Up Forever Lashes

Going for a showgirl look? Add lightweight gemstones to your eyes.
Make Up Forever Lashes

Or you can buy individual lashes to apply in the corners for that extra little flutter.
Make Up Forever Lashes

Purple is my favorite color. Imagine how these violet-hued lashes will make blue eyes pop.
Make Up Forever Lashes

Experiment and have fun. Happy Halloween.